Step-Family Program


  • Promotion and care for life at conception and newborns
  • Protection and development of children up to 6 years
  • Experiences within the family to live in brotherly love
  • Support and training of the family and the host for the familiar reality
  • Strengthening and improvement of the family together and support for the integral development of both families

Fundamental plans

  • Set the program for substitute custody of childs under legal protection
  • Identify families having the ability to host children
  • Create the bond with the mother and the child's original context
  • Recreate the understanding of the program with the original family
  • Support and professional assistance to the inclusion of children
  • Aid and monitoring to the new reality of both families

Long-term development

  • Create a stable and sustainable shared parenting
  • Assistance and overall improvement of both families and children
  • Organize economic endevours to sustain the program
  • Detect sponsors for socio-economic possibilities


  • Legal Framework of the program based on the Legal Regime of Custody
  • Multidisciplinary team for program design and assistance
  • Family Groups able to host the children
  • Econometric Model for Program's economic support
  • Socio Economic Integration Model
  • Designing sustainable demographic development model
  • Economic undertakings for employment of women
  • Environmental and life in general preservation systems