Building Communities, Promoting Childhood


How to participate


Step-Family Program


There are a lot of issues that our growing community faces, from public education to transportation. Profiliis Fundatio works at the ground level, helping bring families together to smooth out issues and create bright spots. Our agency offers programs and creates events that are meant to unify us and work for the greater good.


As a community, it is our duty to help our youth prepare for adulthood. Establishing a net for Humanitarian Protection managed from the family as the primary organization of society, we offer teens and children the opportunity to grow and build a lifepath . [Read More]


Reaching out and becoming involved is one of the best ways to build character and self-esteem, as well as meet other like-minded people. Profiliis Fundatio works with community agencies throughout the greater area to promote participation. [Read More]


Desired goal


Current Context


  • Abandonment by the Society, the State and the Governments of the destitute
  • Growing population in a state of neglect and suffering
  • Impaired children and adolescents due to lack of family and social support
  • Social and Family Violence inside populations at risk
  • Explosion of teenage pregnancy and people slavery
  • Systematic rape of children and submission to labor
  • Insufficiency of programs and plans that support the life and development of children and youth
  • Lack of perspective and hope in human development
  • Absence of love and compassion in the governmental and social players

  • Establish a Net for Humanitarian Protection managed from the family as the primary organization of society
  • Upbringing and education of own children together with those from the program under familiar experiences of brotherly love
  • Engender and develop new social ties between the original and the step family based on the common purpose of child
  • Preservation of life as a basis for the development of society based on love
  • Training for people with family and social consciousness to manage
  • Create efficient and supportive professionals with humanitarian conscience
  • Recreate the natural values ​​of man as a life system